Class Schedule Maintenance

Course Modality (Instructor Method):

Course Modality is the method by which an instructor delivers a course.

The following is a list of approved instructor methods for Alfred University. All courses, no matter the method, should be delivered synchronous with scheduled class meeting times and days.  (Approved via Dean's council April 24, 2023)

Asynchronous is rare and approved by Deans.

  • Traditional - In-person instruction that is delivered in a physical location. Instructor method code = TR
  • Online - All online. Instructor method code = ON
  • Hybrid - Mix of online and traditional. Instructor method code = OH
  • Non-traditional - Typically for courses that are internships, student teaching, practicums, etc. that meet but are not scheduled in banner or are coded as OFF-Campus. Instructor method code = NT
  • Regular Course-Independently - For independent studies. Modality flexible between student and instructor. Instructor method code = RI
  • Workshop - Any short-term learning experience-typically in-person. EI:SAVE & DASA courses. Whether hands on or lecture.

Synchronous: Direct instruction occurs in real time. There are scheduled meeting days and times that follow AU's approved schedule grid whether in person or online.

Asynchronous: No direct instruction; no schedule meeting days or times.

Schedule Grid: All faculty must follow the schedule grid unless the Dean has requested an exemption for an instructor.