Prohibited Activity

Use of Copyrighted Material

Copyright law protects the tangible expression of ideas in any format including text, graphics, images, audio and video. A work is copyright protected from the moment of its creation; the author is not required to provide a copyright notice.

You should always assume that everything you find on the Internet is copyrighted unless a specific notice to the contrary is posted. It follows, therefore, that you should always have permission to use any material you did not create. Copyright violation is a serious crime with stiff penalties. See Alfred University's Copyright Infringement Policy.

Use of Trademarks

Trademarks identify the source of goods and services. Trademarks belong to their owners, and you may not use a trademark on a webpage without permission.

Inappropriate Content

The scope of inappropriate content and usage is broadly defined and violation of this prohibition on University websites can result in removal of the site in question if the problem is not remedied immediately. Inappropriate content can include, but is not limited to, plagiarism, use of the AU web for personal financial gain, pornography/obscenity and violation of the privacy of other individuals, defamation or harassment.

In addition, any content is prohibited that violates existing University policies or codes of conduct, as well as local, state or federal laws.