For Your Safety

This page contains links to resources for students to familiarize themselves with standard safety procedures.

Crime and Prevention tips

  • Safety on Campus
  • Safety in the Village
  • Safety if you're going out to a bar
  • Download the RAVE Guardian App

Your Right to Know?

  • Students' right to know
  • Campus Crime Statistics
  • Trespassing Policy
  • Crime Alerts
  • Work Place Violence
  • Sexual Offenders Registration

Making it Safe

  • Safe Escort Services
  • Identity Theft
  • Fire Alarms
  • Sexual Assault/Harassment Policy
  • Emergency References
  • Alcohol and Drug use Policy Statement

Reporting Incidents

Patrol and Post

  • Post
  • Patrol Types
  • Department Vehicles
  • Monitoring Systems
  • APD (Alfred Police Department)
  • Types of posts covered
    1. Residence Halls
    2. Academic Buildings
    3. Special Event