Bias Response Team

Our Mission

The Bias Response Team serves as a collaborative and proactive committee providing appropriate educational and reflective responses to incidents of bias at Alfred University. The Bias Response Team works to remediate prejudicial influences in order to encourage a campus of inclusivity that welcomes the perspectives, voices and gifts of all community members.

Reporting to the Bias Response Team

Please submit a report through AU Report It. AU Report It may be used to report a variety of campus concerns, but those reports that deal specifically with incidents of bias, discrimination and issues with campus climate will be reviewed by the Bias Response Team. If you have questions or concerns about filling out the report, please contact the Dean of Student Wellbeing, Tamara Kenney.

Report It

In emergency situations or with immediate concerns, please call Public Safety at 607-871-2108.

Scope of Authority

The Bias Response Team will review all reports with due diligence. The committee will brainstorm adequate responses to all incidents and suggestions for redress made by the reporter will be considered to the fullest extent of the committee's authority. In the case of judicial action affecting a student, all proceedings will be referred to the campus judicial board as per student code of conduct or other university policies. Reports pertaining to misconduct by a university employee shall be forwarded to and handled by Human Resources.


Faculty, staff, and students may all be members of the Bias Response Team, and we try to represent as many areas and viewpoints from campus as possible. If you are interested in joining the Bias Response Team, please contact Tamara Kenney, Dean of Student Wellbeing.