Emergency Assistance

Below are links to important information regarding Emergency Assistance on Alfred University's campus.

General Emergency and Ancillary Assistance Services

  • Emergency and Campus Security Information: Emergency Information (or call 911)
  • General Public Safety Information: Office of Public Safety
  • Experiencing or Witnessing an Incident of Bias: Bias Response Team
  • Emergency Food Resources: Alfred University Food Pantry
  • Emergency Assistance with Utility Bills: FindEnergy.com
  • One-Time Financial Assistance (textbook purchases or emergency situations): Student Experience E-mail (or call 607-871-2132)
  • Funding for Applied and Experiential Learning (APEX): APEX
  • First-Generation Student Support: Some of your professors and AU staff know what it feels like to be the first in your family to go to college. Visit our First Generation Allies page for a list of the faculty and staff who want to act as mentors; you have permission to contact any of them.
  • Glossary of AU Terms: a glossary of terms commonly used in our living/learning community is available to anyone who needs help getting better acquainted with higher education or Alfred-specific terminology or deciphering a commonly used acronym.
  • Absence Notification to Faculty: If you have an emergency at home, or an illness that takes you away from campus, the Student Experience office can notify your faculty. You will still need to contact them yourself, but this provides some quick help in emergency situations. Call Student Experience at 607-871-2132 or email us with your situation and the length of time you expect to be away. We'll take care of the notifications.
  • Emergency Break Housing: If you are in need of housing due to financial reasons, we can provide limited options at no cost by contacting the Office of Residence Life. Students will be asked to meet briefly with the Director of Residence Life to determine the dates needed and verify need, and an action plan will be created given that there are fewer services available over breaks.

Free On-Campus Services*

*Students DO NOT need to pay additional for these resources and services.

**Cheryl's Closet aims to support all students of Alfred University by offering them business attire free of charge, empowering them to project confidence and professionalism. To ensure that students can make an outstanding first impression, Cheryl's Closet has a large selection of professional attire suited to a variety of styles, cultures, sizes, and gender expressions.