Tenant and Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

This page details what a student living off campus should expect from their landlord, and their responsibilities as a tenant.

Tenant Rights

  • A decent place to live
  • Receipts
  • Privacy
  • Access to the municipality’s Housing Inspector if landlord refuses or simply does not do needed repairs

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Pay all of your rent on time
  • Abide by the terms discussed in the lease
  • Keep the apartment clean and put garbage in approved containers
  • Give a written notice to the landlord when moving out
  • Be a good neighbor as well as community member
  • Abide by all municipality’s policies

Landlord Rights

  • Have the rent paid when due
  • Refuse to rent to a person with poor references or credit rating
  • Enter the dwelling for repairs and inspections with prior notification

Landlord Responsibilities

  • Keep the unit up to municipality’s Housing Code standards and maintain a valid Compliance Certificate
  • Respect the privacy of the tenants
  • Follow legal process if it comes to the point of evicting a tenant
  • Adhere to all the terms that were detailed in the lease

Take the time to look at a lengthier version of the tenant's rights.