Exam Administration

Instructors may have students with disabilities in their courses who need disability-related testing academic adjustments. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) assists instructors in administering exams to students with disabilities through a test proctoring service. In order for students to take examinations at CAS, instructors and students are requested to follow these procedures:

  • Students requesting academic adjustments and supports must be registered as a student with a disability through the CAS and provide documentation of a disability. Once a student has registered with CAS, he or she works with a staff member to develop an Academic Adjustment (Accommodation) Authorization Letter. This letter states the academic adjustments (accommodations) and supports students need based on their disability.
  • Students are instructed to bring copies of their Academic Adjustment Authorization Letters to their instructors and to discuss their need for academic adjustments. If students will need testing academic adjustments, the instructors and students should discuss whether exams will be administered by CAS. Instructors should have a statement on their syllabi informing students about how to request academic adjustments.
  • Exams taken at CAS will be scheduled at the same time that they are given in class whenever possible. If necessary, alternate exam times will be arranged between the student, CAS, and the instructor.
  • If students will be taking exams at CAS, they need to discuss with their instructor any conflicts for their exams and agree upon a time and date that is approved by the instructor to take the exam. The student must then sign-up for their exams through CAS by completing an Exam Accommodation Scheduling Form at least 3 class days in advance to accommodate their request
  • When submitting an exam to CAS, instructors should include any specific administration instructions (e.g., list of materials permitted) and the best way to contact him or her during the exam.
  • We kindly request that all exams are submitted by email or dropped off in person at least 1 class day in advance if possible. Email CAS exams.
  • If instructors have questions regarding the administration of exams at CAS or accommodating students with disabilities in general, they are encouraged to contact the CAS office, email CAS607-871-2148.