STA Expectations

See below for the Student Technical Assistant expectations.


Your first priority while on duty is to support the people who need assistance. Always be pleasant and approachable. When someone walks into your area, ask if they need assistance. Our primary goal is to help, advise, and provide support to every person who needs our assistance.


Be honest with us. We know that you will be busy with your academic and personal life. However, we want to know how things are going for you. When you have been successful, tell us. When you make a mistake, we also need to know. Honesty and responsibility are valued traits.


A good attitude is a reflection of your commitment to the job. This should be a priority. Make a sincere effort to follow through with your responsibilities and genuinely care about what you are doing. You are to provide a service and to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times while on duty.


Remember, this is your job. Be committed. Be professional. Be visible and available. If someone calls you with a problem, follow through and get back to them. Let them know that their problem is a priority and it will be completed. Be punctual and accurate. Efficiency is a good measure of commitment.

Other Expectations

  • Arrive to work on time
  • Arrive to work with good personal hygiene
  • Learn as much as you can
  • Fill out your timesheets properly and on time
  • Do not leave work area in disarray
  • No video or playing computer games while on duty
  • Personal email and cell phone usage is on personal time
  • Let us know if you are unhappy with your work
  • Do not show up for work under the influence of alcohol or any other drug

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Everything we expect from you, you can expect from us
  • You are our priority. We will keep our doors open to you. If you need to meet with us, just ask and we will schedule time for you.
  • We will take a personal interest in you. We will be sensitive to your academic and personal needs.
  • We will strive to be clear and direct
  • We will support your actions. If we feel that you have made a mistake, we will discuss it privately.