Time Sheet Information

To receive a paycheck at the end of the pay period, those employed by Alfred University should follow the below instructions to properly report time worked.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Before you can start work as an STA you must first go to the Human Resources office in Greene Hall and complete an "I9" form and a W4 form. You will need two forms of ID for this: a picture ID such as your driver's license and your original Social Security Card.
  2. Every STA must log in at the beginning of their shift and log out at the end. To do so, sit down to your work area and go to STALogin on your computer. Choose "Employee Login " and then "Login." At the end of your shift follow the same steps, but hit "Logout".
  3. In order to submit your timesheet, go to STALogin then click "Employee Login." On the left-hand side there is a link to "View Time Sheet". If the hours look correct, transfer these hours to your Banner Timesheet (BannerWeb) and then SUBMIT it to your supervisor. If the hours do NOT look correct. do not submit your STAlogin timesheet. Instead, write down your correct hours and ask your supervisor to correct the hours for you. Once they are correct, you may submit your STAlogin timesheet.
  4. Pay periods run from Sunday morning to Saturday night at midnight. You receive a paycheck every other Friday. Payroll Schedule.

If you fail to complete your STAlogin and Banner timesheets, you will not get a pay check for that pay period.

Our Responsibilities

  • Post a schedule of pay periods and pay dates
  • Approve your Banner Timesheet on time
  • Your paycheck will be delivered to your Powell Campus Center mailbox on the Friday of each pay week