STA Manual

Welcome to the STA Program...

Our primary goal is to encourage, empower, and educate Alfred University students, faculty, and staff in their use of computer technology. We are dedicated to a high level of customer service. We want our patrons to feel good about working with us and we want them to be satisfied when their computer problems are solved.

Therefore, the most important quality each of you has is your customer service skills. Listening carefully to questions and problems, being courteous and patient, and expressing your ideas clearly and simply is key to customer service. Technical ability is also going to be extremely helpful, but you must have customer service skills in order to convey your technical advice.

We hope to establish a team unity, make work enjoyable, and improve our reputation on campus for getting the job done and doing it well. You will become a valued member of the STA Program. We want to be able to count on each of you to help us accomplish our goals!

Always feel free to share with us your ideas and suggestions. Your input is needed and very valuable to us. We look forward to working with you.