Warning System

The STA Program has adopted procedures to deal with STAs who are having difficulty meeting the requirements of employment. Students who are unable or unwilling to work within the STA guidelines will not be retained on staff. You will first receive a warning letter to inform you that your performance is not satisfactory. Your manager will discuss measures that will help you meet these requirements, and you will be given an opportunity to correct the problem.

Category I Problem

  1. The STA whose job performance is unsatisfactory receives a warning letter. This letter, and any subsequent letters, will be placed in your STA personnel file.
  2. Continuing problems result in a second letter of warning. Recipients of this letter are considered on probation.
  3. After the second letter, if there is no improvement, the person under warning will be dismissed.

Category II Problem

Immediate dismissal without warning.

We urge all STAs who may be having difficulty with their duties and responsibilities to work closely with their manager to make the necessary changes in order to retain their employment.

Examples of infractions from both Categories are listed in the Warning Letter.

Warning Letter