Warning System

The STA Program has adopted procedures to deal with STAs who are having difficulty meeting the requirements of employment. Students having difficulties meeting expectations will be given the opportunity to improve with remediation.


Students are not expected to know everything there is about the help desk or its processes. Incidents or accidents do occur and are typically not held against students unless it is chronic, or many incidents occur. If there is an incident, a full-time technician will follow up with the student to let them know what the issue is, and how to avoid issues like it in the future, explain processes, etc.


If a student is struggling more than is typical, they may be subject to a remediation meeting with full-time staff. In the meeting, staff will go over incidents that occurred while at work, answer questions the student has about them listed, and establish that they need to improve. The student must sign a document stating that they will work to improve. Further remediation meetings will occur as needed.


If warranted, dismissal is a three strike system. If the student has gone through remediation and is still struggling the student may be dismissed. There are some incidents that may warrant immediate dismissal like theft of ITS property, intentional misrepresentation on timesheets, saying slurs, etc. further details are available in the document in the link below.

Warning Letter