ITS Student Job Descriptions

If you are interested in a job with ITS STA, see the job descriptions below.

Please Note: If you decide to apply, please be aware that not all areas of ITS may be hiring at the time of applying. Consider noting multiple types of jobs detailed below you would be willing or are interested in on your application.

ITS Student Work Application


The consultants consist of all the STA's who work in the labs, at the Helpdesk, as Tier 2's, and with the web team. They also help our staff take care of the important day to day workloads. We consider them to be the backbone of the STA program.

A Helpdesk Consultant will staff the Helpdesk. They will answer questions and solve problems either in-person, through email or over the telephone. Problems that cannot be answered immediately will be passed along to the appropriate person. This position requires good computing skills, but most importantly excellent communication and customer service skills. You must have the ability to listen carefully, express ideas clearly, and converse comfortably with a stranger. You must also be patient and empathetic to others' issues and concerns. You are expected to ask questions when you are in doubt, or when you do not know or understand a procedure. At times, you could be asked to perform tasks beyond consulting.

Tier 2 STA's will work directly with the Helpdesk and Desktop Technicians. You will troubleshoot and in some instances repair computers and printers on campus. Your work hours will consist of appointments for on-site consultations along with other duties as assigned.

A Lab Consultant is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the campus computer labs. In addition to this, a Lab Consultant is expected to communicate the current condition of their labs to their Supervisor on a regular basis. A Lab Consultant will assure that the labs are fully functional. This includes, cleaning the computer labs and equipment, loading printers with paper and toner, and notifying the Supervisor of any problems in the lab or supplies needed.

Web Programmer works on a variety of programs/databases. This will include creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting applications and databases. All applications must be documented. You will work closely with the Web Application Developer.

An Editor/Proofer duties may include creation, editing, and proofing of sites/pages, testing applications and making the site ADA compliant. All pages must follow the style guidelines and have proof of ADA compliancy. You will work closely with the Web Production Specialist.

The Student Technician Assistant (STA) offered through the Federal Work Study program is responsible for supporting and providing A/V Services in Holmes Auditorium and other locations on campus. STA will be expected to work as part of a team or independently to provide technical assistance for a variety of events. STA will at times be required to walk outdoors to other buildings or offices located on the campus, lift and carry equipment up to 60 pounds, and perform cleaning or other duties as assigned by the Team Leader or Director of Information Technology Services when asked.