STA Job Responsibilities

ITS Student Technical Assistant employees need to follow the responsibilities listed below.

Starting A Shift

Be on time for your shifts. It is important to be prompt, so others can get to classes or other obligations. If for some reason you are not on time, do not falsify your timesheet by saying that you were. You only get paid for the hours that you work! Make sure your area is neat and looks professional.


A work schedule will be posted in your area. Once hours are assigned and agreed upon, it is expected that you report to work on time for each shift and not leave until your shift is completed. You are to remain in your work area during your assigned work schedule. If you do need to leave for some reason, you need to return as soon as possible. Let your supervisor know where you are going and how long it will take you to return.

You are expected to work your regularly assigned hours any time school is in session. This includes the week before each break. You are not expected to work after your last final exam. However, you should post sub-notices for the hours you are scheduled for after your last exam and notify your supervisor as to your last day of work. If there is any reason you cannot work your scheduled hours, you must make the effort to find a trained substitute. Unexcused absences are regarded seriously and invoke the student warning system described later in this guide.

Substitution Procedures

When you need a substitute

  1. You must notify your supervisor by email and contact others in your lab immediately for substitution possibilities.
  2. Once your request has been "picked up" by another STA willing to work your hours, you are no longer responsible for that time period, but you are responsible for notifying your supervisor of the new arrangement for coverage.
  3. If no one responds to your emails, it is your responsibility to call other STAs to locate a substitute. If you cannot find a substitute, contact your supervisor and make arrangements for your time slot to be covered.

When you agree to be a substitute

  1. If you respond to an email of a co-worker looking for a substitute, you become responsible for those hours as though they are your own regularly assigned hours. If you change your mind, you must go through the process yourself, asking for another substitute. 


You are a highly visible representative of Information Technology Services. Although there is no strict dress code, you must look presentable. Do not wear ripped jeans, cutoffs, or sweatpants to work. T-shirts should be in good taste and not offend anyone.

Out of respect for others, please have good personal hygiene habits.

Office Use

The computers, copier, printers, and other equipment are to be used only for work related tasks. Equipment, telephones, and supplies are not for personal use. While you are working, your friends are welcome to stop by and say hello. They should not stay and socialize. Friends or non-employees are not to use the computers and other equipment unless you are helping them with a technology-related problem.

Work Related Injuries

In the event you become ill or injured while on duty, you will be asked to fill out an Accident Report, and the University Health Center will provide medical care.

Problems with other STA/ITS Staff

Once in a while a problem might occur between two or more STA staff. Depending on who someone might be having a problem with, they might find it difficult to deal with the person depending on their relation in the STA hierarchy. This could happen between:

  • Two people in the same program (helpdesk, lab consultants, etc.)
  • A consultant and their immediate supervisor
  • A consultant and a supervisor from another program
  • Anyone and one of the STA/ITS supervisors

If a problem should ever occur, it is of the utmost importance that it is taken care of immediately! We want to keep a positive working environment here at Alfred, and the only way to do that is to take care of any and all problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that everyone can work to their full potential.

In cases where you find you are having a problem with someone in your same program or with a supervisor in another program, talk to your immediate supervisor about the problem. If that does not work, or you feel uncomfortable talking to him/her, try talking to one of the ITS supervisors.