Remote Desktop Connection

What is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is a service that runs on your Windows workstation that allows you to connect and work as if you were sitting in front of the computer. This gives you access to all services and resources normally available to you while you are at work.

To successfully remote into your computer from off campus, you will need to use the "Remote Desktop Connection" application on your home computer (or a work computer that you take home). You will need the IP address of the computer you use at work. This can be found by going to the webpage:

Here are the steps that you will need to complete off campus or on a different network:

  1. FortiClient VPN connection will need to be established successfully before trying to connect via remote desktop.

If you are in any of the following departments, please make sure you are set as a remote user, if you aren’t ITS can assist you with this:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Registrar
  • Financial Aid
  • Business/Finance Office
  • University Advancement
  • Enrollment Management (Admissions)
  • Wellness Center
  1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.
  2. After opening the Remote Desktop Connection application, type in your work computer's IP Address.
  3. Select the downward facing arrow. This will allow you to type in your username (more info on username in the next step).
  4. When connecting to your work computer with the remote desktop app, you will want to make sure you include "alfred\ " before your username. This is so your computer knows it is signing into the Alfred domain.
    • How this will look is as follows:
      Username: alfred\yourusername
      Password: (your AU email password)
  5. When connecting, if you get a certificate error, this is normal. Click yes to connect to your computer. If you want the certificate warning to stop showing up, check the box that says "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer."
  6. You can also save your connection by choosing "save as" and selecting where you would like it to save to, so you can access it quicker the next time.
  1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the App Store

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac

  2. Open the app
  3. Click the “Add PC” button

    Adding PC for Mac

  4. Enter your office computer’s IP address in the “PC Name” box

    Adding PC Name Mac

  5. A Gray box should appear with your IP address under it, click the box.

    Adding IP Address for Mac

  6. Enter your Alfred email and password or use ALFRED\yourusername and your password. Then click “Continue”

    Add Username and Password For Mac

  7. Click Continue

    Click Continue Mac