Backing Up Files & Using the U:Drive

In most cases, when you are working on a document and want to save it, you have a variety of choices to save the file to. You can save it to your computer using your hard drive, you can save it to a pen drive, a CD, or you can save it to your User Space (U: Drive) on one of AU's servers. The U:Drive would be the easiest way to save because you can access from anywhere on the AU network as well as from home.

The most effective way to save a file to any of these drives is to go into File and choose Save As. Choose the location you want to save the file to by clicking on the arrow across from Save In and scrolling down until you find the location. Name the file, and hit Save.

Locating the U:Drive:

On Campus:

Those connecting to an AU Windows computer on campus will automatically connect to the AU user space (U:Drive) on JOBS when logging on using your Alfred username and password. Use this space as you would any other drive. If you look in the ‘This PC’ icon you will see File Share (U:) (And the amount of space you have remaining on it).u-drive-screenshot.png

If you don't automatically connect to your U:Drive you can manually map a drive. You must have an active AU network account to access it.

To Map a Drive:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Click Map network drive
  3. Choose Map network drive. You can choose any drive letter but you may want to use U:
  4. Type in the path: \\\username (username is your AU network user name)
  5. When asked for your username and password, you may need to type in alfred\ before your username in the username field. IE: alfred\abc55
  6. Make sure Reconnect at Logon is checked and click Finish
  1. Open Chrome or Firefox
  2. In the address field type:
  3. Hit return
  4. Log In
  1. If on campus or connected to Forticlient proceed with the steps below.
  2. From the Finder window, hit Command+K to bring up the 'Connect to Server' window
  3. Enter the path to the network drive you want to map, example:
  4. Click Connect
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Click OK to mount the network drive
  7. Select Registered User and enter your Alfred University credentials as shown below.
  8. Once connected your U: Drive will appear in the Finder Window

Save U: Drive path so you don’t have to remap it on a Mac in the future

  1. Click on the Apple in top left of display screen
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Select Users & Groups
  4. Click your Account in the list
  5. Click Login Items on the right side of the window
  6. Click on + to add an Item
  7. On the left side the should be listed
  8. Click on and then your username again
  9. Click Add
    • Your username should now appear on the right side where Login Items are listed
  1. If the Mac is being used off campus and not connected to the Alfred University network, first install and sign into Forticlient
  • For Mojave Operating System and earlier, Go to VPN instructions on how to install Forticlient
  • For Big Sur users, please go to VPN website to download the newest version of FortiClient for Mac (FortiClient_6.4.3.dmg file)

FortiClient does not work on iPads

  1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop (red app)
  2. Input Gateway as