Academic Integrity Online

As a student, you should be aware that certain websites (such as Course Hero, Chegg, and others) present themselves as study sites, while their actions may be classified as academic dishonesty. These actions include providing students with the following information:

  • Answers to exam questions
  • Solutions to text book questions
  • Instructor materials or tests uploaded without their knowledge
  • Essays or papers
  • Access to individuals willing to do their assignments

If you use materials, answers, or services provided by these sites (or similar sources), it may be classified as academic dishonesty, and you may face disciplinary action.

Please be wary of any site requiring you to upload materials provided by your instructors. This is a violation of US Copyright Law. Any materials provided by your instructors are their intellectual property and may not be shared without their permission.

If you require additional study resources or support, please speak with your instructor.