Best Practices for Synchronous Class Meetings

The guidelines below are suggestions for faculty to consider as they teach synchronously online. Many of these guidelines are related to security, ethics, and privacy.

Suggested Guidelines

Students sitting in a classroom listening to someone off camera
  • If you plan to record a class session, notify the students beforehand.
  • Limit recorded content to the instructor and guest speakers.
  • If a recording (including students) will be shared beyond the class, you should obtain the students' permission.
  • Share your expectations with the students
    • Methods of participation (voice, chat, hand-raising)
    • Whether mics and cameras should be on or off
    • Attendance policy for synchronous sessions
  • Be mindful of situations that may prevent students from turning on their cameras (poor internet connection, illness, home environment challenges).
  • Follow ITS's recommendations for keeping your meetings secure.

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