Mass Email Policy

Mass Mail and access to the exchange distribution lists for announcements of an immediate nature are only available through college deans and vice presidents, as well as a few other directors who manage campus safety, security, and telecommunications.

Commonly Used Distribution Lists


All deposited students (including AUNY) students will receive an email from this list.Graduated seniors will continue to receive emails from this list until census of the following semester. This means that graduated students/alum will receive any emails sent to this list into the fall.


This lists contains all current Alfred University employees. This list through business rules does not contain retirees.

* Special Note: Employees who are in need of specialized student email lists can reach out to the Registrar’s Office for access to the Banner report SGZCONT.

Alfred Today - AU's Daily Newsletter

Faculty, staff, and student organizations are welcome to share announcements and information with the campus community using Alfred Today, AU's daily newsletter. Guidelines are provided below.

Recognized student organizations, faculty, and staff may use Alfred Today to send announcements that pertain to the majority of all students, faculty, and/or staff. Alfred Today should not be used for such things as ride requests, items for sale, commercial promotions, or announcements of lost items. Those announcements/requests may be posted under the “classified” section of MyAU.

Messages promoting unauthorized fundraising or solicitation, personal business, or those deemed inappropriate for a campus-wide audience will not be accepted for distribution. Please refer to the Guidelines below for what is considered “acceptable.”

Messages that apply to small groups of people – members of an organization or students in a particular class or major – should be sent to a limited distribution list. Please consult the ITS Helpdesk for assistance in creating a distribution list.

Faculty, staff and recognized student organizations are permitted to send announcements to the campus-wide community through Alfred Today, in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. Individual students are not permitted to post items to Alfred Today.

What is acceptable? Essential information relevant to the mission of the University; items of interest to the campus community; and announcements of campus-wide events and activities. Announcements may be used a maximum of twice a week, and must be submitted prior to 2 p.m. the day before they are to appear in Alfred Today.

Alfred Today is considered to be an official communication medium for the University.

What is Not Acceptable?

  1. Postings not related to University business, activities or of interest to the general AU community.
  2. Postings in violation of Alfred University's Responsible Use of Computing Facilities Policy.
  3. Political statements, expression of personal opinion, conduct of personal business, unauthorized fundraising or solicitation (solicitation is defined as any verbal or written effort to raise funds through the sale of merchandise/services or through charitable donations as well as to influence opinions or to gain support for an issue or cause).
  4. Notices of houses or other items for sale or rent, requests for rides, lost and found. Information of this nature may be posted in the “classified” sections of MyAU.
  5. Multiple messages or reminders about a single event.

Appeals Process

Faculty and Staff: If an item posted to Alfred Today is not accepted for publication, an appeal may be made, in writing, to the Provost and Chief Operating Officer.

Students: If an item posted to Alfred Today is not accepted for publication, an appeal may be made, in writing, to the Vice President for Student Experience.