Web Services Mission

Consistent with Alfred University's commitment to preparing well-educated, life long learners and with the understanding that an effective communication infrastructure is essential to an academic discourse community, the Web group will support and enhance the Web-based enterprise-wide communication needs of Alfred University.


  1. The Web group will seek a balance between the internal communication and external marketing needs of the University, while emphasizing the University marketing Web site (as directed by the President of the University).
  2. With our University-wide mission and with the recognition that we have finite resources, The Web group will best serve the University by addressing global expectations, while avoiding custom programming and design for individual departments.
  3. The Web group will focus its efforts on creating, enhancing, and acquiring Web applications that will facilitate internal and external communication.
  4. The Web group will further leverage its Web application development by delegating content development and maintenance to the most appropriate campus entities (individual departments, schools, and offices).
  5. The Web group will find innovative and flexible solutions to Web communications by exploring new technologies, considering new roles and staffing structures, and complimenting our own efforts with limited outsourcing.