Approving Timesheets of Hourly via BannerWeb

Below is the proper procedure to reviewing and approving Employees' Timesheets on the BannerWeb site.

  • Go to MyAU. Click BannerWeb icon in top right margin. (Hover over icons to see which goes where.)
  • You will now be at the “Alfred University” page, click Enter Secure Area
  • Enter your User ID and PIN. Your USER ID is your Banner 9-digit number that begins with A or you may enter your Social Security number. The first time you LOGIN, your PIN will be your birthday two-digit month, two-digit day, two-digit year format (i.e. someone born on September 5, 1958 would enter 090558), click LOGIN or. Also on initial entry into BannerWeb, you will be asked to enter a new PIN and you may be asked to provide a simple question and answer which will be used in case you forget your PIN.
  • This will bring you to the “Main Menu”, click on Employee either at the top or on the list. Click on Time Sheet; “Time Reporting Selection” page appears.
  • Click radio button next to Approve or Acknowledge time. For day to day operations, always go in as an approver (approve time, change time or return for correction). If you are a Proxy for an approver, you must select the approver from the list. Only if you need to use the capabilities of a superuser, check the superuser box (extract non started timesheets, or submit in progress timesheets on behalf of the Employee) Press Select; “Approver Selection” page appears.
  • Select department and description you wish to approve. Use drop down box to access the correct pay period for approval. Under ‘Sort Order’ use radio button to choose how timesheets are displayed, press Select; “Department Summary” page appears. (If sorted by status, then name, those timesheets submitted for your approval appear at the top. If sorted by name, employees show alphabetically no matter what the status of the timesheet.)
  • Employee’s timesheets appear. All Work Study titles begin with WS, Non-Work Study with NW, grad positions start with GR or GE. Summer positions always start with an S. The employees are grouped by statuses:
    • Pending – employee has submitted timesheet, it is waiting for your approval
    • In Progress - timesheet has been opened by employee, hours may or may not have been entered, but it has not been submitted to you
    • Approved – you have approved the timesheet and it is ready for payroll to process
    • Error – submission of timesheet with 0 hours results in error
    • Return for Correction – you have returned the timesheet back to employee for correction; employee must make corrections and resubmit to you
    • Not Started - employee has not yet started to enter hours on his timesheet
    • Completed – timesheet has been processed in payroll
  • Select the name of the employee you want to review. The Next button will let you move to the next employee’s time sheet. Previous will take you back to the previous time sheet. After reviewing the time sheets, click Previous Menu to return to the “Department Summary” page.
  • You may approve the time sheets using one of the options below:
    • While reviewing each time sheet, you may select the Approve button, then Next to go to the next time sheet or Previous Menu to return to the Summary page
    • From the Summary page, you may approve an individuals’ pending time sheet by checking the box under the Approve of FYI column and then Save
    • From the Summary page, you may approve all of the pending time sheets in the department by selecting the Select All, Approve Or FYI button and then Save
  • If you need to make a correction on a time sheet, click on Change Time Record from the Summary page or Change Record from the time sheet page. Make the necessary changes by going to the appropriate column and entering the correct information. Remember to click Save. You should inform the employee of any changes you make to their time sheet by selecting Comments, typing in the reason for any changes, pressing Save, and then Previous Menu. When you have made all the changes, Approve the time sheet using one of the methods listed above.
  • If you prefer, you may send the time sheet back to the employee for any needed corrections. While reviewing the time sheet, select Return For Correction to send it back. Be sure to include Comments, so the employee will know why you are returning the time sheet. Remember you will have to come back and Approve the time sheet once the employee completes the corrections and resubmits it to you.
  • Only use your superuser capabilities when the cut-off for submission has passed for the Employee and you need to submit on their behalf. You can submit hours for the Employee, then you must approve them as the approver. You can extract not-started timesheets and enter hours, submit and approve. NEVER extract an Employee’s timesheet if it is in In-Progress status with 0 hours. This will result in an error status where you cannot enter or change hours. Anything you do as a superuser will be documented as OVERRIDDEN meaning that you have done something on behalf of the Employee.
  • If you approve a timesheet in error, click the Return Time button and the timesheet’s status will go back to Pending. In this status you will be able to make changes to the timesheet and once made will be able to Approve. Once the approver deadline has passed, you will not be able to access the timesheet to approve and the employee will not be paid.

Important Information
The deadline for approval of time sheets is usually noon on Friday following the end of the Pay Period. However, in early deadline situations, this may be subject to change. The current deadline is always posted after pay period time entry status located on the Department Summary page. Since you will not be able to approve your timesheets after this cut off, it is imperative that you approvals before the deadline. As a supervisor, you are welcome to impose your own earlier deadline for employee submission which allows you more time to approve.

If your employee or you miss the deadline, a paper timesheet must be completed; hours do not automatically roll to the next pay period. You will have to personally submit the paper timesheet to the payroll office. An employee cannot submit a paper timesheet; paper timesheets will only be accepted directly from you, the supervisor. Doing the timesheets on-line on time is the best way to keep payroll history intact and prevent manual processes for all those involved.

Click comments to communicate with your employee. After making remarks, click Save and the Previous Menu to return to time sheet. Comments are mandatory for all excused and Family Sick time taken, so make sure employee has entered comments when using these codes for time taken.

Employees should enter their time worked on a daily basis. Encourage your Employees to submit as soon as they have completed their scheduled work hours for the pay period so that you have time to approve. We have created an automated email on the days of the week preceding the deadline for approval to help remind you to approve your timesheets.

If you have any questions about approving time, please contact Payroll or (607-871-2962)