Hourly Professional Employees

Hourly Professional Employees

Hourly Professional employees are paid a salary, but they are not a true exempt employee. They remain an hourly employee for purposes of payroll. ALL hours worked in a week NEED to be recorded in Banner web and any hours worked over 40 in a week are paid at the overtime rate.

Our payroll weeks run from Sunday-Saturday.

Hourly Professional Employees are required to work

  • 7 hours a day/35 hours a week if they are Non-Statutory
  • 7.5 hours a day/37.5 hours a week if they are Statutory (NYSCC)

Coding Time

If an hourly professional employee doesn’t work their full 35/37.5 hours they will need to use sick/personal/floating holiday/vacation time to get them to their 35/37.5 hours for the week.

  • Sick/Personal/Floating time can be used in 1 hour increments
  • Vacation time can only be used in half or whole day increments

Any PTO should only be used to make the employee whole for the week, meaning 35/37.5 hours.

If an hourly professional employee is required to work 35 hours a week and they work anything over 35 hours they should not code any PTO time on their timesheet.

If a 35 hour a week employee works 37 hours in week 1, they still need to work 35 hours during week 2.

Lunch Breaks

Any employee who will be working more than 6 hours during their shift, is required per Section 162 of the New York State Labor Law to take at least a half hour unpaid lunch break. The Hourly Professional classification allows employees to take an hour lunch break.

Comp Time

Comp time is not allowed per University Policy 4.7 Compensatory Time located in the Handbook.

“Compensatory time is not allowed. Employees may make-up time missed during a regular scheduled day in the same payroll week, as long as the make-up time does not cause the employee to exceed 40 hours in the same week.”