Banner Training Documentation - HR Employee Self Service

Below is important information on keeping your Banner information accurate and up to date.

  • Go to MyAU. Click the second icon "i" for BannerWeb in the purple banner, right side
  • You will now be at the “Alfred University” page, click Enter Secure Area
  • Enter your User ID and PIN. Your USER ID is your Banner 9-digit number that begins with A (or you may enter your Social Security number). The first time you LOGIN, your PIN will be your birthday –two digit month, two digit day, two digit year format (i.e. someone born on September 5, 1958 would enter 090558), click Login or "enter." Next you will be asked to enter a new PIN and you may be asked to provide a simple question and answer which will be used in case you forget your PIN. If you are a return user, use your existing PIN.
  • This will bring you to the “Main Menu”; select Personal Information either using the top tab or on the list; “Personal Information” page appears
  • Select View or Update Emergency Contacts, “Update Emergency Contacts” page appears with a list of the current emergency contacts you have on file
  • To add a new contact, click New Contact link; the second “Update Emergency Contacts” page appears with blank fields to be completed for your emergency contact. Once blanks are filled in, click Submit Changes button at bottom and your emergency contact information has been saved in Banner.
  • If removing or editing an existing contact, click on the name of the person you wish to remove. A second “Update Emergency Contacts” page appears with that person’s information.

If removing; check the box in front of Remove Contact, then click Submit Changes button at bottom and you should be returned to the first page and your contact has been removed. If editing information, just make necessary changes and click Submit Changes; changes should be saved.

Under Personal Information you can also view the addresses and telephone numbers you have on file by clicking the corresponding links. Although you cannot change information here, if you need to make corrections, submit a Personal Data Form to Human Resources.

  • Select Employee tab; “Employee” page appears
  • Select Benefits & Deductions; “Benefits & Deductions” page appears with various links to other pages
  • Select Beneficiaries and Dependents; “Beneficiaries and Dependents” page appears listing those people who we have on record as being either your dependent or one of your beneficiaries. The list should include your immediate family, (whether they are covered under any insurances or not) and anyone else you want as an emergency contact or as a beneficiary to one of your benefits. To makes any changes, click on name of person; their information appears on the “Updating Beneficiaries and Dependents” page, make any necessary changes in the fields provided and click Submit Changes button at bottom to save the information.
  • If you need to add someone new; click Add a New Person; the “Updating Beneficiaries and Dependents” page appears; enter information requested and click Submit Changes button at bottom

Under Employee you can also view all the information about your current deductions using the links to the Retirement Plans, Health Benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts and Miscellaneous. The Descriptions of the benefits and employee and employer amounts show. Attached to each benefit are links that display deduction history by year, month, and pay period and a link to either a website or the summary plan description of the plan

  • To view and update which of your dependents are covered under your insurances (Coverage) and which are beneficiaries (Allocations), click Coverage and Allocations Summary link at bottom
  • Yourself, followed by your dependents appear with the benefits and deductions listed below each name if that person has been assigned either as having coverage or is a beneficiary to a plan
    • You will be covered under:
      • Life Insurance Employee,
      • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
      • Health Insurance (if you are enrolled in AU’s plan)
    • If you have dependents, you will be listed as the beneficiary (primary/ contingent) for the
      • Life Insurance Dependent
    • If you have a spouse and/or dependent children, they will be listed with
      • Life Insurance Dependent
      • Health Insurance (if on your plan)
    • And as the beneficiaries of
      • Life Insurance Employee
      • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
      • Retirement Plans
      • (Depending on who you designated as your beneficiaries of these plans)
    • If a dependent does not show all the plans that he/she is covered under or a beneficiary of; jump to the bottom (or scroll down) the page to the Enroll Coverage and Allocations section. Your deductions are listed in alphabetical order. The right column under action shows:
      • Nothing (blank) – if deduction is not a plan with enrollees or beneficiaries (social security, taxes, Long Term Disability, Charitable contributions)
      • Coverage Details link – deduction is for a plan that covers dependents; including yourself (health, dental, eye insurance)
      • Beneficiary Allocation Details link – plan has beneficiaries (retirement plans)
      • Both a Coverage and a Beneficiaries Allocation Details link – plan covers both dependents and has a beneficiary (Life, Accidental D&D, Dependent Life Insurance Plans)
    • If those who are covered need to be changed, click on the Coverage Details link next to the deduction you want to edit. . A list with you and your dependents appears. Check the Choose Benefit box next to the name you want to edit. If adding, add Begin Date. If terminating, add Termination End Date and select Deduction Termination Reason. Click Choose or Update button to save.
    • If a beneficiary needs to be changed, click on the Beneficiary Allocation Details link next to the deduction you want to edit. A list with you and your dependents appears. Choose who is primary and if you want contingents, you can designate those as well. Allocations can be in percentages or amounts; if choosing percentages, must equal 100% Choose or Update button to save.
    • Status Column shows whether deduction is currently active or terminated
    • The Date Columns further to the right:
      • Start date – date your coverage began (or if hired prior to 2005, this may be the date this deduction was set up in Banner)
      • Stop date - if deduction is set up annually (flex, charitable contributions) or has a future end date at your request, the termination date shows here

Under Employee, you will also find links to a Benefit Summary which combines all your benefits together on one page. The Pay Information link accesses your paystub, your earnings and deductions history, and your direct deposit allocation. The Tax Forms link not only shows your exemptions and withholding allowance you have declared on your Federal W4 and NYS Tax forms, but also has a printable copy of your W2s for all past years of employment at Alfred University.