Employment Administration Forms

All recruitment, hiring and personnel changes are approved using one of the following forms:

Recruitment Requisition Form

The Recruitment Requisition form is used to create a new position or fill an existing position (with the exception of Alfred University non-work study student positions or temporary summer positions). This form must be fully approved before recruiting may occur.

Personnel Action Form

The Personnel Action form is used to hire, rehire, extend a temporary employee, pay research, a stipend or extra service. It is also used for changes to current employees such as promotions, salary, title or labor distributions. If an employee is leaving employment, this form is used to report the end of a temporary assignment, a resignation, retirement or termination.

Student/Summer Payroll Authorization Form

The Student/Summer Payroll Authorization form is used for the hiring of any non-work study Alfred University students while school is in session and all summer temporary positions (students or non-students). Alfred University work-study positions are not approved using any of these forms, they are authorized through the Office of Student Financial Aid using the green card.

Extra Compensation Timesheet

Instructions for Extra Compensation:
A Personnel Action Form would be completed by the supervisor of the project for each person performing work on a project, using the start and end dates of the project. The form would specify total dollars authorized to pay, and the FOAP to be charged. The Personnel Action Form would be signed by the Office Sponsored Projects verifying that funding is available. The form would then be forwarded to Human Resources where an hourly rate would be assigned, and a job set up in Banner.

As the employee completes the assigned tasks, they will fill out an extra compensation timesheet to be presented to the supervisor for approval each pay period work is performed. The timesheet would then be sent to Office Sponsored Projects for processing.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to monitor the account to ensure that expenses are not exceeding available funding.