Exempt Employees: Entering Time using Leave Reports via BannerWeb

Below is the proper procedure for exempt employees submitting leave reports on the BannerWeb site.

  • Go to MyAU. Click BannerWeb icon under the "Quick Links" main menu item.
  • You will now be at the “Alfred University” page, click Enter Secure Area.
  • Enter your User ID and PIN. Your USER ID is your Banner 9-digit number that begins with A (or you may enter your Social Security number). The first time you LOGIN, your PIN will be your birthday in the format MMDDYY (i.e. someone born on September 5, 1958 would enter 090558), click Login or enter. Next you will be asked to enter a new PIN and you may be asked to provide a simple question and answer which will be used in case you forget your PIN. If you are a return user, use your existing PIN.
  • This will bring you to the “Main Menu”; select Employee either at the top or on the list; “Employee” page appears.
  • Select Leave Report; “Time Reporting Selection” page appears.
  • Select Access my Leave Report; “Leave Report Selection” page appears.
  • Your current job is listed on the left-hand side under TITLE and DEPARTMENT (If you have had a change in position or approver, you may see multiple jobs but you can only enter hours in the current position. The others remain for viewing history only) Use radio button under MY CHOICE to select which position you want to access. Leave Report periods show on the right side and are followed by the following possible status codes:
    • Not Started – Leave Report has not yet been accessed
    • In Progress – Leave Report has been opened and/or hours entered
    • Pending – Leave Report has been submitted, but not yet approved by supervisor
    • Return for Correction – supervisor has returned to you for correction & resubmission
    • Error Messages – entry errors need to be corrected and resubmitted
    • Completed – Leave Report has been approved, your Leave Balances have been updated

Use the drop-down box to access the month you want to enter time for.

Once selected Click Leave Report; “Time and Leave Reporting” page appears.

  • You will now see your Leave Report which is displayed week by week. To proceed to the next week, click on the Next button. You only need to report time taken that is accrued; Floating Holiday, Personal, Vacation, Sick, Family Sick, FMLA Sick. Click on Enter Days for the appropriate day and leave type that you need to report (notice that you are reporting days NOT hours). A box appears above the report, enter 1 for a whole day or .5 for a half day then click Save.
  • You can click on the Preview button to review what you have entered for the month.
  • Once you have entered all the days taken for the month and previewed for accuracy, hit the Submit for Approval button and type in your PIN on the certification page. You will receive a message that your leave report was successfully submitted. Even if you did not take any days off, you still need to Submit for Approval with no days entered.
  • You are now done; your timesheet is ready for your supervisor to approve. To exit Leave Report after entering time taken, click the EXIT button on the top right of the screen.

Handy Navigation Buttons

Copy Function - A shortcut is available called the “copy’ function; to use it click Copy; “Copy” page appears displaying all the days in the month. You can use the checkboxes to apply the same period of time entered on one day to other days you took off. Select Copy button again to submit the copied days.

Position Selection – Returns you to “Leave Report Selection” page to view your job(s)

Comments - allows you to add comments for your supervisor to view

Preview - to review the pay-period time entered

Restart - if you want to delete all entries and start over

Next will display next week in pay-period

Important Information

Entered days can only be edited and/or changed before the approval process has been completed. Make sure the days reported are correct by using the Preview function before you submit. Although you may begin recording your leave at the beginning of the month, do not submit your leave until after the month has ended. This will insure accurate reporting and eliminate manual corrections. Also remember, Leave Reports must be submitted even when you have not taken any time.

Comments: If you take Family Sick time, please indicate in the comments section which family member you are taking the time off for. You also can use the comments button to communicate with your supervisor/approver. If your supervisor wants to be informed about time away from the office other than accrued benefit time; (e.g. excused, consulting, holiday, bereavement), this is where you would report it. The date associated with a Comment is the date you write it, so when referencing a day in the month make sure you indicate the date in the comments so the recipient will know which day you are referring to. After making remarks, click Save and Previous Menu to return to your Leave Report.

Leave Reports are due within 5 days after the end of the month. We have created an automated email to remind you to submit your Leave Report if you have forgotten to submit within that grace period. The reminders will stop once you have submitted your Leave Report to your supervisor.

The accrual of benefit time still occurs as part of the normal payroll process; as a result when the payroll is completed (usually the Monday or Tuesday prior to pay day) your accruals will be updated. However, time taken is not updated until your Leave Report is submitted and approved. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you submit your Leave Reports in a timely fashion in order for the Leave Balances to be accurate.

Leave Balances available on your paystub will only be as accurate as the last approved Leave Report.

If you have any questions about entering your time, please contact Human Resources (607-871-2118)