Background Checks


All Alfred University employees who may be in unsupervised contact with minor children as a result of their job responsibilities with the University, will be subject to a State Central Register Database Check and a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.


Any newly appointed employee who may, in the performance of their job responsibilities, be in a situation where they would be in the presence of minor children with no other adult present, will be subject to the background check described below.

Newly appointed may be either a new hire to the University, or a current employee assuming new responsibilities.

The position would be identified by the hiring area to the HR Department as requiring a background check by indicating such on the Personnel Action Form. All letters of appointment will indicate the offer is contingent on satisfactory completion of the two checks.

The HR Department would provide the candidate/employee with the form to complete for processing a State Central Register Database Check. The candidate/employee would complete the form, returning to HR for processing. HR would mail the form to the State, with the appropriate fee provided by the University. The National Sex Offender registry would be searched with all information available on the person.

Should either search result in information being found in the registers, the offer of employment will become null and void.


Policy#: C-1
Original Effective Date: 4/2/07