Children in the Workplace


Alfred University's employment policies and benefits are indicative of our efforts to help employees balance work and family responsibilities. Office and work space is not designed with the safety of children in mind. Although the campus strives to be a family friendly environment, it must be recognized that it is not appropriate to bring children to work as a substitute for making arrangements for regular childcare while at work. The following guidelines are established to minimize potential liability to Alfred University, risk of harm to children, and prevent a decrease of employee productivity due to distractions and disruptions.


  1. It is the responsibility of the University's managers and supervisors to ensure that the work of the university is accomplished in an environment in which employee health and safety concerns are respected and work-related disruptions are minimized.
  2. The workplace should not be used in lieu of childcare; therefore, it is inappropriate to allow extended workplace visits by children or other relatives of employees.
  3. There may be occasions when brief visits by children or other relatives may be necessary. These visits are at the manager's discretion and the employee should receive prior permission before bringing a child to the workplace. In these circumstances, children will be the responsibility of the parent while in the workplace.
  4. No minor may ever be allowed into an area that is potentially hazardous.
  5. Children exhibiting symptoms of potentially contagious illnesses should not be brought into the workplace.
  6. The guidelines do not prohibit minor children and family members from being in the workplace during university-sponsored events intended for children and/or families, or intended for community participation.

Policy#: D-5
Original Effective Date: 6/1/07