Employment of Relatives


No employee shall have supervisory authority over a member of his or her family. Such supervisory relationships create the impression that the supervisor could be influenced by the relationship to the subordinate, either positively or negatively. This may also create a conflict of interest for the supervisor or subordinate.

Supervisory relationship is defined as participation in the decision to employ, promote, reappoint, terminate, set wages, approve time sheets, evaluate performance, or direct activities in any way.

Though this policy would, consistent with the effective date, apply to all ensuing employment, any existing situations prior to this date may continue. However, in the latter case, such employees are encouraged to look for opportunities in other departments, thus alleviating the supervisory relationship. This encouragement would also apply should a family relationship develop during employment. If no such opportunity is identified, the University may seek helpful alternative solutions to resolve the matter.

Please note that where the University jointly hires two employees with a family relationship, or where faculty with a family relationship are hired into the same department (and may assume chairperson duties over one another), an exception to this policy may be recommended by the appropriate Vice President for the consideration of the President.


All Employees of Alfred University.


Family is defined as spouse or AU registered spousal equivalent; child, stepchild, or grandchild; parent, stepparent or grandparent; sibling; aunt, uncle, niece, nephew; anyone residing in the employee’s household; or parent, son, daughter or sibling in-law.