Extra Services Compensation Guidelines

Policy Statement

Extra Service Compensation Guidelines for Technical Specialists, Administrators, and Faculty Any salaried employee working on short term privately funded research or analytical work may be eligible for Extra Compensation if the following criteria are met:


  1. The work is performed for private industry and brings in revenue to Alfred University.
  2. The work is for less than 18 weeks.
  3. The work is approved by the employee’s supervisor.
  4. The extra compensation is for hours outside of normal work hours.
    1. For Technical Specialists and Administrators, this represents hours beyond their normal work week.
    2. For Faculty, this represents hours in excess of a full load of 12 credit hours.
  5. The work is documented with bi-weekly timesheets signed by employee and supervisor.
  6. The work does not exceed 20% of normal effort per trimester(defined as Summer, June 1st- August 31st, Fall September 1st – December 31st, and Spring, January 1st – May 31st).

Extra Compensation will be paid at the employee’s annual base rate prorated to an hourly rate. If these guidelines are not followed, the employee will not receive Extra Service Compensation

Policy#: F-1
Original Effective Date: 11/1/07