Reporting Time Worked

Federal and State laws require that Alfred University must accurately record time worked by our employees for the week in which they perform the work. These "payroll records" are legal documents and must be certified by the employee as being correct and complete. Payroll records are retained by the University for a minimum of three (3) years and are subject to audit and review by the US Department of Labor and NY State authorities for the purposes of enforcing the various statutes that relate to wage and hour issues. Alfred University has established a "payroll week" as the period of time from Sunday 12:00 midnight to Saturday 11:59.59 p.m. of each week. In order to comply with these laws, the following shall apply to all hourly paid employees of the University:

  1. All time is to be recorded on the form, or in the electronic format that is adopted by the University for that purpose and is to be approved by the supervisor and sent to the Payroll Department by the Tuesday following the last day of a payroll period.
  2. All time actually worked in a payroll week will be accounted for during that week (whether authorized or unauthorized.)
  3. All scheduled working time will be accounted for either as worked time or exception time, whether paid or unpaid. The Employee will be required to certify, by their signature (or electronically), that the time is an accurate depiction of their time record for that payroll week.
  4. Under no circumstances will an employee work any time “off the clock” or fail to fully report actual time worked during a payroll week. This means that no “Comp Time” is allowed and any time missed during a week must either be made up during the same payroll week, must be excused by an established University pay exception, or must be accounted for as unpaid.
  5. University Pay Exceptions are: Approved Vacation, Sick Day(s), Holiday, Approved Bereavement, Jury Duty, Personal Day (1 per year), Floating Holiday (1 per year), Earned Merit Time (varies), and occasional legal or medical appointments (limited to 2 hours as long as all other scheduled hours are worked subject to Supervisor approval.)
  6. All Overtime (in excess of normal schedule) must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor. Unapproved Overtime will be paid to the employee but will subject them to disciplinary action.

Persons who violate any of the above requirements or whose attendance becomes problematic will be subject to disciplinary action to correct the problem. Repeated violations may lead to discharge.


Policy#: E-2
Original Effective Date: 5/27/10