Safe Driving Standards & Motor Vehicle Report


In order to maintain effective oversight of the University's owned vehicles, regular review of Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) will be completed for all operators of University vehicles.

Alfred’s Driver Review Committee1 will review questionable Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR).


Before a vehicle can be used by any Alfred University driver, the individual must:

  • Complete the driver registration form and list all traffic violations within the past 36 months (5 years for DUI)
  • Possess a valid, current driver’s license
  • Be licensed for at least 3 years
Driving privileges will be suspended or denied when DMV driving history reflects the following violations.
  • Receipt of citation for the following violations during the past five years results in automatic denial:
    1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Receipt of citation for any one of the following driving violations during the past three years:
    • Careless or reckless driving
    • Fleeing a law enforcement officer
    • Homicide or assault through use of motor vehicle
    • Drivers who currently have a suspended or revoked license
    • Speeding (more than 20 MPH over limit)
    • Reinstated license in effect for less than one (1) year after revocation
    • Moving violation or accident - 21 years of age or younger

Driving privileges may be suspended when DMV driving history reflects the following violations.

  • Two of the following occurrences during the past three years:
    1. Speeding (less than 20 MPH over limit)
    2. Speed greater than reasonable or prudent or too fast for conditions
    3. Failure to yield
    4. Failure to obey traffic sign or signal
    5. Improper backing, turning, or passing
    6. Following too closely
    7. Careless operation of vehicles
    8. Accident
    9. Leaving the scene of an accident
    10. At-fault and/or moving violation
    11. Any other moving violation
    12. Drivers with between four (4) and seven (7) points on license

Drivers cited for operating a vehicle while using a mobile device either for talking or texting will incur a one year suspension of driving privileges. Drivers cited twice in a 12-month period will have driving privileges revoked.

There shall be no right of appeal from an automatic denial of Motorpool driving privileges. Appeals of denial or suspension of Motorpool privileges must:

  • Be received within fourteen (14) days after notice of suspension or revocation has been sent to the driver by the University
  • Be in writing and addressed to the Vice President for Business and Finance
  • State the basis and facts upon which the appeal is made

Whether a hearing is warranted shall be at the discretion of the Vice President for Business and Finance. There shall be no right to counsel in any appeal. Any modification of denial or suspension shall be within the sole and absolute discretion of the Vice President for Business and Finance and the decision shall be final, and not subject to further appeal.

These standards may be modified from time to time and are made part of the rules and regulations governing the University’s Motorpool.

1Committee consists of the Director of Physical Plant, Executive Director of Capital Operations and Legal Affairs, Director of Human Resources.


Policy#: J-2
Original Effective Date: 10/31/12