Sick Leave

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Alfred University to provide, when proper notification is given by the employee, paid sick days for the purpose of protecting the income of an employee when ill or injured and unable to work.

Sick days may not be used for any purpose other than illness of the employee. A limited number of paid family sick days are also allocated for the employee to use as necessary to care for a family member in the case of illness. Policies and benefits described herein may differ for those groups covered by a collective bargaining agreement. All sick leaves will be administered in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) where appropriate FMLA Policy.


  1. Eligibility
    1. All regular full-time and part-time employees shall be eligible to accumulate sick days.
    2. Newly hired or rehired employees accrue paid sick leave commencing at the time of hire, but shall not be eligible to receive pay for sick leave until the completion of a 3-month probationary period. Non-exempt non-statutory employees shall accrue pro-rated sick leave for the first partial year of hire as outlined in the Support Staff Handbook.
    3. Statutory Temporary employees will be eligible to accrue sick time if duration of appointment is greater than 6 months. If original appointment is extended to the required 6 months for eligibility, accruing will begin 6 months from date of hire. Employees will not be allowed to take sick time until the completion of a 3-month probationary period.
  2. Sick Leave Accrual
    1. Non- Statutory non-exempt employees who work a 35 hour workweek will accrue 4.04 hours of sick leave per pay period for a maximum of 15 days per year. Employees, who work a 40 hour workweek, will accrue 4.62 hours of sick leave per pay period for a maximum of 15 days per year. Non-Statutory exempt employees will accrue 35.54 hours sick leave per pay period for a maximum of 132 days per year. Accruals are pro-rated for employees working part-time and/or less than a 12 month obligation.
    2. Statutory exempt employees working 37 ½ hours will accrue 6.06 hours and those working 40 hours will accrue 6.47 hours of sick leave per pay period for a maximum of 21 days per year. Statutory non exempt employees working a 35 hour workweek will accrue 4.85 hours and those working a 40 hour work week will accrue 5.54 hours of sick leave per pay period for a maximum of 18 days per year. Accruals are pro-rated for employees working part-time and/or less than a 12 month obligation.
    3. Accrued sick days for Non-Statutory non-exempt employees shall accumulate from year to year up to a maximum of 50 days. Non-statutory exempt employees may not accumulate sick days from year to year. Statutory employees may accumulate up to a maximum 200 days.
    4. Vacation, Holiday, Jury Duty, Bereavement leave, or Military leave is considered as time worked for the purpose of the accrual of sick time. Hours worked “on-call”, additional straight time, or overtime are not counted for accrual purposes.
    5. Accrual of sick days ceases once an employee uses sick leave for the full 10 days of a pay period. Employees shall not accrue sick leave while receiving Workers' Compensation or New York State Disability or while on an unpaid leave of absence.
  3. Termination
    1. Accumulated sick days are not payable to an employee upon termination of employment for any reason.
  4. Documentation
    1. Employees who will be absent from work are required to call their immediate Supervisor within one hour of their scheduled reporting time. In cases where, due to the nature of the illness, they cannot make the notification within the allowed time period they should call as soon as possible. Alfred University reserves the right to require employees to furnish a physician's certificate, or to make other inquiries as appropriate. A doctor's statement that an employee is physically capable of resuming normal duties will be required following hospital admission, surgery, or absence of more than three (3) consecutive workdays due to illness.
  5. Recording Sick Time
    1. Employees shall be permitted to take earned sick time in full or half day increments equal to the number of hours in the employee's regularly scheduled shift in accordance with the guidelines listed as follows:
    2. A bank of hours showing the accumulation of earned sick time for each employee shall be established and maintained by Human Resource Services and an employee may only be paid for those hours of sick time as have been earned and accumulated in this bank.
    3. Sick pay is calculated at the employee's regular base rate. Sick pay for non-statutory employees shall not include shift differential, or other differentials as may be applicable.
  6. Paid Sick Time - New York State Disability Benefit
    1. The University is self-insured for New York State Disability benefits. Non-statutory non-exempt employees have available to them 130 half days of state statutory benefit time on a rolling 12 month period from date of disability. There is a seven calendar day waiting period to be eligible for disability benefits. The employee must use paid leave time for that period of time. Once the waiting period has expired, sick time may be paid at 1/2 day increments in order to supplement the statutory disability payment. Non-statutory exempt employees receive full pay for up to 6 months of disability on a rolling 12 month period from date of disability. Statutory employees who have exhausted their paid leave benefits will receive ½ day disability benefit for a total of 6 months of disability.
  7. Paid Sick Time - New York State Worker’s Compensation
    1. Non Statutory employees
      1. An employee will use accrued sick days for absence due to a job related injury or illness. Employees shall be paid for whole days, with 1/3 days deducted from the sick bank.
    2. Statutory Employees
      1. Statutory employees receive full pay for their time off and do not have to use any of their sick time benefit.
  8. Family Sick Days
    1. All regular employees will be allowed to use five (5) sick days per year for assisting an ill/injured immediate family member. Immediate family members include parent, spouse or AU-certified domestic partner, child, stepchild living (or being raised) in the employees’ home. These days are in addition to the Family Emergency Sick Leave granted to attend to an emergency medical situation (requires the employee’s presence at home to arrange for care of an ill family member, or at the hospital while the family member undergoes surgery or is hospitalized with a serious illness). Family Emergency sick leave is also limited to five (5) sick days per calendar year. These days are deducted from the employee’s sick leave accrual.


Policy#: H-3
Original Effective Date: 7/1/06
Revision#: 4
Date: 8/13/2010