Receiving Your W2 Electronically

Alfred University is required by the IRS to furnish all employees with a Form W‐2 for each calendar year to be used in completing the employee's annual tax return. The Form W‐2 details the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the year.

Instead of paper copies, current Alfred University employees MAY CHOOSE to receive their W‐2 forms online through the BannerWeb system. Employees must provide their consent to receive all future W‐2 statements only in electronic format until consent is revoked. To receive your 2017 W‐2 electronically you must consent before Payroll processes the paper copies (typically in mid to late January).

Advantages of receiving Form W‐2 electronically

  • Your W‐2 will be available sooner than a printed copy
  • You can reprint a copy of your W‐2 anytime during the year
  • No possibility that a Form W‐2 might be lost, stolen, delayed or misplaced by the U.S. mail service or by the employee
  • Multiple levels of security protects all information within the BannerWeb system
  • Access can be obtained anytime via the internet—anywhere in the world

Additional Information

If you do not choose to receive your W‐2 electronically, a paper copy will be mailed to your home address (current students receive their W‐2 in their campus box). Faculty and staff, please ensure the Office of Human Resources has your up‐to‐date mailing address.

Employees will always have access to the electronic copy of Form W‐2 on BannerWeb even if you receive a paper copy at each calendar year end. This option is available for re‐prints for all years of employment.

If you do not consent to receive your W‐2 electronically and try to access it on BannerWeb a message box will appear “Please provide your consent to receive your electronic W‐2”. If you click OK, you will consent to receiving your W‐2 electronically, if you click Cancel, your W‐2 will be displayed and you will continue to receive a paper copy annually.

Employees may discontinue electronic receipt at any time by revoking their consent on BannerWeb or by calling the Payroll Office. The withdrawn consent does not apply to previously issued Forms W‐2.

How to sign up for electronic retrieval of W2

  1. Go to Click second icon "i" BannerWeb in purple banner.
  2. You will now be at the “Alfred University” page, click Enter Secure Area
  3. Enter your User ID and PIN.
  4. This will bring you to the “Main Menu”
  5. Select Employee tab; “Employee” page appears
  6. Select Tax Forms; “Tax Forms” page appears with two links to other pages
  7. Select W2 Year End Earnings Statement; “W2 Wage and Tax Statement” page appears. Using the drop down box to the right of Tax Year: select 2017 and click Display button
  8. When Message from webpage box appears, click OK; “Electronic W2 Consent” page appears
  9. Once you have read the information for consent and if you agree, check the box to the right of Consent to Receive W2 electronically under My Choice and click Submit
  10. You are now on the “W2 Wage and Tax Statement” page which displays the totals that will be pulled into the W2 form
  11. To create the W2 form; select the Printable W2 box at the bottom left; the Print W2 verification page appears
  12. Enter your PIN (the same pin/password you use to Enter Secure Area of Self Service) and select Submit
  13. Using the Print function in the web browser, print out as many copies as you require

How do I revoke my consent?

  1. Log in to BannerWeb and access the Electronic W‐2 Consent page as indicated in the “How do I sign up” section above
  2. Simply uncheck the My Choice box and click Submit button