Preparing Your Desktop for Remote Desktop - Windows

Follow these steps to prepare your windows desktop so you can remote desktop from another location.

Preparing your computer at work

Make note of your computer’s ip. You will need this to connect to your computer using remote desktop. Go to in any browser. This will bring up a screen like below. The 149.84 number is your ip address.
IP screen shot

Next you need to stop your computer from going to sleep

Adjusting your settings on your computer

To do this use your search bar, located in the bottom left corner of your computer screen, and type in “Power Settings”.

Search Bar screen shot

It will bring up an option at the top with the power symbol next to it that says “Power & Sleep”. When you click this it should open a window that looks like the screen shot below.

Power & Sleep Settings screen shot

Please make sure that the sleep option is set to never. This will stop your computer from going to sleep so you can remote into it.

Allow Remote Connections to your work computer

Open the start menu again and type remote and click “Allow Remote Access to Your Computer”

Remote Access screen shot

Make sure the remote desktop section looks like this:

Remote Desktop screen shot

Click Select Users and then click Add.

If it says your user already has access, then you are all set. If it does not, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Preparing your computer at home

Set up VPN

In order to remote into your computer at work you will need to first install and connect using VPN.

Connecting to your computer

From there you will need to connect using remote desktop.

When you are done, sign-out of your computer, do not shut down, this will shut down your desktop at the remote location.