Creating & Maintaining Your Own Web Page

You have 200 mb of space on your "U" drive. In your "U" drive there is a folder named public_html to save your web page to.

We recommend that you read the “Copyright Infringement Policy."

To create or make changes to your web page, follow the instructions below.

Locating the U Drive

Note: the new URL for your webpage will be username on the AU network). Old domains such as,,, and will also work, as long as you add the "~username" at the end.

Once you have located your "U" drive, double click on the folder public_html. Your web files are to be saved to this folder. You no longer need to ftp if you are logged onto the network. You can make changes right in the "U" drive.

To make changes to your web site, bring one of the files up in an html editor of your choice (Dreamweaver, Notepad, Notepad++, Word, etc.) and make the changes. Save the page to your "U" drive in the public_html folder. The changes will automatically be updated to the web page.

Important things to remember:

  1. You must have your first page named index.html in order for it to be viewed from your URL and it needs to be saved in small case (index.html).
  2. The web server is case sensitive. For example, if you named a jpg "Friends.jpg" with a capital F but the link to it is "friends.jpg" with a small f, the link will not work.

If you find that some of the links are not working, check to see what you named the file and if it is the same as the link you created to it.

If you have questions please stop down to the Helpdesk or call us at 607-871-2222.