Hiring Process

Hiring Process Instructions

Alfred University's Interview to Hire Process:

  1. Responding to Applications: as resumes are received; Human Resources responds with the Receipt of Resume.
  2. Screening: divide candidates into two groups:
    1. UNQUALIFIED: does not meet minimum specified educational and/or experience requirements
    2. QUALIFIED: meets minimum specified educational and experience requirements
    3. It is the practice of the University; if an internal candidate is qualified for the position, to grant an interview.
  3. For the UNQUALIFIED and those candidates no longer under consideration HR will respond accordingly.
  4. Closing the search: Supervisor may communicate with candidate to ensure they are still interested, then they will complete the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and route to Human Resources. Once the PAF is obtained with appropriate approvals Human Resources will prepare an appointment letter and send the Supervisor a copy of the letter and the approved PAF.
  5. The Supervisor will then be required to complete the Affirmative Action Summary Form of anyone that applied to the job.
  6. After the job is filled and the new candidate starts at Alfred University, Human Resources will send out the Interviewed but not Selected to all of those candidates who were interviewed but not selected.

Employment Administration Forms

Please see this page for the Recruitment Requisition, Personnel Action, and Student/Summer Payroll Authorization Forms