How to Install Skype for Business on a Mac

Below are installation instructions for Skype for Business on your Mac.

  1. Go to 0365 Portal

    Office apps and devices mac install office screen

  2. Click View apps and devices

    Skype for business screen with install skype button to the side

  3. Click Install Skype

    Skype install screen

  4. Click OK

    Skype installer introduction screen

  5. Click Continue

    Skype software license screen

  6. Click Continue

    Skype software license agreement screen

  7. Click Agree

    Installation type screen for skype installer

  8. Click Install
  9. If prompted, enter your username and password and click Install Software

    Skype install screen in the process of installing the program

  10. Wait while software installs
  11. If prompted, click OK to allow the Installer access

    Skype installer after finishing the install

  12. Click Close when the installation completes
  13. Click Move to Trash to delete the installer

Quick Step Guide to Skype for Business - Mac