Email is the main form of communication at Alfred University. Be sure to access your email on a regular basis to stay up to date on important information. Our campus utilizes Office 365 to power email accounts.

Getting Started with Email

Your emails can be accessed via webmail or you can always find this link under Quick Links in the main navigation menu of the MyAU website.

MyAU homepage with an arrow pointing to Quick Links in the main navigation

Log in with your campus email address and password provided to you.

If you are new to Alfred University and haven't accessed your new Alfred email account:

Alfred University currently uses Office 365 for email service. With this service you get more features and benefits than ever before. Benefits like a number of free installs of Microsoft Office products, like Word, Excel, and much more from the Microsoft Office Suite. Learn more about the Features & Benefits you get with Office 365.

Install Microsoft Office Products Free

Setting up your email account on your mobile device is a slightly different process, but can be setup on both Android and iOS easily.

Mobile Setup Instructions

We have recently started implementing Multifactor Authentication (MFA), which is a significant deterrent to unauthorized email access...even when the password has been compromised. MFA is often described as "Something you know, and something you own." The something you know is the password portion...and in our particular case, something you own will be a mobile phone number.

Read more about Multi-factor Authentication

Please always remember that ITS will NEVER ask directly through email or through a linked web form for your username and password. Be extraordinarily suspicious of any email that asks for authentication credentials or ANY protected private information.

If you suspect an email might be possible spam or phishing, you can always forward it to [email protected] and ask if it is a valid email. We can directly assist you in verifying that the email is fraudulent.

Learn more about Combating Spam & Phishing

Need an account for Student Club/Organization or Faculty/Staff Department?

Activate/Renew Club or Organization Account

Activate Department Account

For security reasons, you will be required to have a complex password and you will need to set a new one on a regular scheduled basis. But no worries, you will be notified when your password is about to expire.

Information on Changing Password

If you've accessed your email before, but completely forgotten or lost your old password, then reset forgotten password.

Still Having Issues?

Email ITS HelpDesk